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The Work is Done

The work is done and tomorrow we sightsee a little while we wait to go to the airport.  If I have my way (Jay), we’ll leave at 9:00 (that’s for sure already), go to markets to shop in Cotacachi and then in Otavalo.  Next we’ll go to the equator museum.  Then I hope we’ll have time to go to the Teliferico and then eat at the mall, El Bosque.

Tonight all of the pastors we worked with gathered for a closing event.  There were many encouraging words shared and many tears, both rejoicing at what God has done and sadness over separating because such great relationships have been built these six days we have worked together.

I was frustrated today because the pastor dumped us off today to take a man in the street to the doctor’s appointment because he couldn’t catch a taxi.  We had many follow-up visits to make and not a lot of time. We were in front of a little house store and so I bought a candy bar and we bought some hot bread that was just delivered.

Since we usually have women share with women and men with men,  I invited Kay to speak with her.  Kay shared her testimony and the lady was dealing with issues Kay shared in her testimony.  When I heard what was going on, I realized that God had orchestrated it all and we were just where He wanted us to be.  We prayed for a restored relationship with her daughter, and after sharing the gospel, Olga prayed to receive Christ.

There are many more wonderful stories, but it’s late and we’ll save some for another day.  Everyone is well and has had a great time.  We thank you for allowing us to serve the Lord in this unique way this week and appreciate all that many of you who are reading this have done to allow us to be here!


Otavalo, Ecuador

Otavalo, Ecuador

Skyline of Otovalo, Ecuador where Jay and Kay are working. This picture is shot from the neighborhood where they are working just north of the city.


New Fishing Buddy

Two days ago, we shared the gospel with a young man named Marco at a motorcycle shop.  He is 27 years old.  When we were visiting with him, he was very curious about the Bible and asked many questions. He also mentioned that he was an avid fisherman. When I told him I also fished, he insisted that we go fishing that afternoon. As bad as I hated to, I had to decline!  As it turned out, Marco had started reading the book of John just a few days before.  After hearing the story of Jesus, he prayed for salvation.  When we returned the next day to follow-up, the owner of the motorcycle shop indicated that Marco was not there, he worked at the bakery, so we found him there.

There is a young lady, Melana, that works at the bakery.  Melana is already a Christian and she is the one that has been getting Marco to start reading the Bible.  After a brief visit, we all decided that it would be great to have an impromptu Bible study.  We discussed our testimony and the importance of spreading the good news of Jesus.  After our study, both Melana and Marco shared their personal testimony.  There were tears of sorrow, remembering what each had endured and tears of joy realizing what they now had with Jesus in their lives.  The details of their lives prior to Jesus aren’t important, suffix to say, each endured more than anyone else I’ve meet.  I think that both are excited about sharing the good news of Jesus.

When we left, we scheduled a Bible study for the next day.  Marco’s eyes lite up when we arrived!  (Greg Ellis)


What a great day in the Lord! After making an appointment with a lady two days ago to come back today we started to her home.  On the way we passed another young lady with an enormous amount of dirty clothes to be hand washed. We shared a greeting as we passed her and headed to the lady with an appointment. She told us previously that she had known a man would come to her home and tell her about God.  We were very excited to get to her home only to discover she too was washing clothes, cooking lunch, and had company.  She invited us into her kitchen where lunch was being prepared and asked us to talk with  her. I shared my testimony and why I was in Ecuador, the national pastor took over and shared the plan of salvation with her while i stirred rice and some other dishes on the stove.  After hearing the gospel, she turned the stove off and we went into another room where she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. 

Several days before we arrived she said she knew a man was coming to tell her about Jesus. She also was sure we were coming back to tell her after we set our appointment.

Then after we left her house we went back by the young lady who had been washing the huge pile of clothes.  She accepted Christ and stated that she was not going to listen to us if we had stopped when we first passed by, but since we had returned she knew God had sent us to her as well.     

Isn’t God good!!  What an awesome God we serve!! His Holy Spirit will lead us right where we need to be to plant, harvest, and witness the awesome power of the Word of God. (Bob Harper) 


What your prayers are accomplishing

Thank you for praying for us.  God is hearing them and they are making the difference.  Small groups of a few people meeting to worship God are growing and the word is getting out that lives are changed when Jesus becomes the center of the life.  Satan is most upset, quite unhappy with with is happening.  The teams here in Ecuador are punching holes in darkness.  The Kingdom of God is growing.  Yes, you are a definite part of what is taking place here.  Please do not give in to stories of success.  We cannot live and be content with the victories of yesterday.  We must push forward for even the gates of Hell cannot overcome the child of God on his or her knees.  Thank you for blessing us so that we can bless others.  (Charles Collins & Team)


Wednesday Worship

Wednesday Worship

Here are some of our translators along with Bob Harper, who only knows how to say, “Done es el banjo?”


E3 Ibarra Team at the Lake

IMG_1187E3 Imbarra Team at the Lake

Kristen, Mike, Pamela, Maria Isabel, Dwayne,Jairo