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New Fishing Buddy

August 8, 2013

Two days ago, we shared the gospel with a young man named Marco at a motorcycle shop.  He is 27 years old.  When we were visiting with him, he was very curious about the Bible and asked many questions. He also mentioned that he was an avid fisherman. When I told him I also fished, he insisted that we go fishing that afternoon. As bad as I hated to, I had to decline!  As it turned out, Marco had started reading the book of John just a few days before.  After hearing the story of Jesus, he prayed for salvation.  When we returned the next day to follow-up, the owner of the motorcycle shop indicated that Marco was not there, he worked at the bakery, so we found him there.

There is a young lady, Melana, that works at the bakery.  Melana is already a Christian and she is the one that has been getting Marco to start reading the Bible.  After a brief visit, we all decided that it would be great to have an impromptu Bible study.  We discussed our testimony and the importance of spreading the good news of Jesus.  After our study, both Melana and Marco shared their personal testimony.  There were tears of sorrow, remembering what each had endured and tears of joy realizing what they now had with Jesus in their lives.  The details of their lives prior to Jesus aren’t important, suffix to say, each endured more than anyone else I’ve meet.  I think that both are excited about sharing the good news of Jesus.

When we left, we scheduled a Bible study for the next day.  Marco’s eyes lite up when we arrived!  (Greg Ellis)

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