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The Work is Done

August 9, 2013

The work is done and tomorrow we sightsee a little while we wait to go to the airport.  If I have my way (Jay), we’ll leave at 9:00 (that’s for sure already), go to markets to shop in Cotacachi and then in Otavalo.  Next we’ll go to the equator museum.  Then I hope we’ll have time to go to the Teliferico and then eat at the mall, El Bosque.

Tonight all of the pastors we worked with gathered for a closing event.  There were many encouraging words shared and many tears, both rejoicing at what God has done and sadness over separating because such great relationships have been built these six days we have worked together.

I was frustrated today because the pastor dumped us off today to take a man in the street to the doctor’s appointment because he couldn’t catch a taxi.  We had many follow-up visits to make and not a lot of time. We were in front of a little house store and so I bought a candy bar and we bought some hot bread that was just delivered.

Since we usually have women share with women and men with men,  I invited Kay to speak with her.  Kay shared her testimony and the lady was dealing with issues Kay shared in her testimony.  When I heard what was going on, I realized that God had orchestrated it all and we were just where He wanted us to be.  We prayed for a restored relationship with her daughter, and after sharing the gospel, Olga prayed to receive Christ.

There are many more wonderful stories, but it’s late and we’ll save some for another day.  Everyone is well and has had a great time.  We thank you for allowing us to serve the Lord in this unique way this week and appreciate all that many of you who are reading this have done to allow us to be here!


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