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Tuesday Report

When we left home, we were counting on starting five new churches, but as is the case most of the time, God had different plans.  We started with six locations instead of five. Mike Hostetler’s team has two men they are training as leaders and today, one of them told our national director that he is going to start another group in his home.  Liz Gordon’s and Mike Petagna’s pastor planned to start a church on the main road in Pucara and so we had the eye clinic and I Am Second group there yesterday.  But, we had walked up the mountain and had an announcement on the loudspeaker from their community center about the eye clinic yesterday.  The leader there accepted Christ(see earlier story) and asked if we could do a group today and he would invite many people.So people from that community came to the clinic and IAS group yesterday.  Today we had the IAS group at that community center on the mountain.  At the end, a lady approached and said that is actually a different community and the two aren’t allowed to attend something in a center not in their community. She asked if the pastor could lead a group there so the people could attend and not go down the mountain.  Well, that means the pastor will be starting two churches instead of the one he planned on.  Add one more to that five we had planned on and now we are planting a total of 8 churches. 

We threw a surprise birthday party for Mike Petagna tonight.  He can’t have sugar or gluten, so we included a couple of bananas for him.


Imbabura Volcano

Imbabura Volcano

Here is a picture of the volcano we can see from here. Actually, we can also see a number from here… Cayambe, Cotacachi, Cubilche, etc. Don’t worry, the latest these erupted was 1,000 years ago, although the chain has had some eruptions in the last 10 years. I (Jay) dream of climbing one of them!


Reading Glass Clinic

Reading Glass Clinic

Kay Young with our first visitors to the reading glass clinic Sunday afternoon. Also seen is her interpreter, Nicko, and two ladies, a mother and daughter, who accepted Christ. The one on the right is the lady who said she felt such a great weight lift off of her shoulders when she received Christ. We did a follow up visit to their home today and led her daughter to Christ. A recent college graduate, she was also very excited and had many questions. We were able to reach three generations!

Monday Report

Well, it’s late night again and now that everyone is in bed, I have enough internet bandwidth to access the blog site.

My group was the third group to arrive at the hotel tonight.  I am the record keeper for all of the mission work that was accomplished.  E3 has us measure a number of items, but it is good because it helps us pinpoint problems, but also is great to see what God is doing.

As of tonight, 215 people have professed faith in Jesus Christ.  I reminded the team that it’s not about the numbers.  Our goal isn’t to see how many people we can win, but how many disciples we make and how many new churches we can start… churches with enough spiritual depth to survive.  Therefore our work also involves late afternoon discipleship meetings and in-home follow up meetings for discipleship of those who receive Christ, helping them to understand how to live the Christian life.

The most interesting story I heard today was from Charles Collins.  He was talking to a young woman, 21 I believe, who was walking down the street.  The team led her to faith in Christ. 

During the discussion he asked her what she did in life.  The girl responded, “In the morning, I walk down this long road and come back, and in the afternoon I do the same thing.” 

Charles responded, “You don’t work?”  “No.”  “You don’t go to school?”  “No”  “So you don’t have any purpose in life?”  “No, I’ve been waiting for a sign from God to set me on the right path.”  So Charles responded, “Well, here I am!”

We pray this young woman can now find God’s purpose for her life.

Also, Bob Harper ran into someone who didn’t have time to talk, but shared that they had had a vision from God and wanted him to come back to talk.  He is anxious to see what that is all about.

Also, while his team was witnessing to four young men, a man came up and got in Bob’s face about something.  Bob said he just continued to smile and shook the man’s hand when he left.  Bob only understood a few words but assumed the guy was upset with them witnessing in the neighborhood.  His interpreter just stood there wide-eyed.  Later Bob had a chance to ask him what the man was talking about.  The translator said that the man said that he was God, so their services weren’t needed in that town.  I asked to shake Bob’s hand, so at least I got to shake the hand that shook the hand of God.  I also expressed my frustration with Bob for not asking a few critical questions while in the presence of God.  Oh, well.  Chalk it up to missed opportunity.  I enjoy giving Bob a hard time, but Bob is really working hard this week.  He is on one of the teams that travels over an hour to get to their work site.  On top of that, the person to bring them back lost their car keys while out witnessing today.  They all had to take the bus back.  The public buses sometimes show movies, and Bob reported that a horror movie was on.  Fitting for the day!

I continue to hear great reports on Kristen and Dana, the two teenagers with us.  They are doing a fantastic job and are valuable members of their teams.

Mike Hostetler witnessed to both a Satan-worshiper and a Jehovah’s Witness today.

Greg and Janet, who were put together at the last minute to form a new team, are having some great experiences as well.  Greg witnessed to some guys at a motorcycle repair shop who asked some very serious questions.  One gentleman was so impressed with the Evangecube that he wanted to keep it.  Greg said he’d give it to him if he’d come share Jesus with them or come to the group discipleship meeting later.  Not sure how that ended, but pray for those men.

Thank you again for your prayers and support!


With all the internet problems, I somehow posted reports each night on the wrong blog.  Now they are here for you to enjoy.  As many teams get in pretty late, and internet is not available until most team members have gone to bed, it’s a challenge to get reports from all teams.

Sunday Report

Day 2 is in the books.  All the teams visited in worship services of their host churches.  Many of us got a chance to tell why we were there and invite church members to participated in evangelism and discipleship of new believers and starting new groups.</p><p>Many of us also had a chance to do a clinic today to offer our communities free pairs of reading glasses.  Sun glasses were also distributed for free.  We hoped to be able to send the people home seeing clearly in more ways than one.  In my group (Jay and Kay), one woman who received Christ said that she felt such a weight lifted off of her.  Another Christian mother was so thankful that her daughter and son and law received Christ.  She couldn’t stop hugging us she was so grateful.  The son in law who had previously wanted to hear nothing about God stayed until the discipleship group met.  There were 13 people who received Christ and we had the opportunity to share the gospel with 50-75 people.</p><p>Hopefully we can get the stories of other people on here tomorrow.  It has been quite busy.  Everyone is tired but safe and sound as of 11:55 pm Sunday night.

Saturday Work Complete

Saturday we started work.  The good news is that we are working in one additional location and had to reorganize the teams to make that happen.  There has been a lot of change in the churches who were working with us before we arrived, so some of them haven’t been up to speed on how E3 operates.  We all know that God can do great things as we offer ourselves to him.

Jay is writing this post.  Our first visit today in Otovalo was with an auto mechanic who gave us an hour of his time and had a lot of questions about faith and finding the truth.  Eventually my interpreter told me that he was ready to turn from his sin and receive Christ as his Savior and Lord.  He did now own a Bible.  I asked Him to not believe what I or anyone else tells him if he can’t find it in the word of God.  I also explained that this is why we reject many things that religion teaches… because it isn’t Biblical.  I am excited about O…  beginning his walk of faith, and finding truth for Himself in God’s word

Two of our teams are traveling over an hour to arrive at their sites.  Pray for safety for them.

Also saved today was one young dog.  Kay Young discovered that a very young boy was baptizing the dog for a period time longer than prescribed in God’s word.  Actually he wanted the dog to drink and figured surely he would if his head was below water!  : )

Please pray for Jairo, E3′s country director.  His 11 year old daughter is sick while he is here, along with some other issues of being away from home.  God knows it all.  Liz and I prayed with Jairo tonight.

One team (Charles and Patricia) had a great time doing their opening day eyeglass clinic to establish a foothold in their community.  Twenty three people came to faith in Christ.

Some of the teams just prayer walked today.  We are working at the direction of our host churches and have some flexibility to accomplish the mission as they see best for their community.

Pray also that we will be able to train and encourage the national believers here to share their faith and start new Bible studies and churches.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  We are all very tired from our 2 am arrival in Ibarra this morning, leading to a very short night.

The internet is very spotty, so we’ll report in when we can.